The history about Football game was first come in England in the year of 1170. People find some young children approaching to the playground to play the game of Soccer i.e. Game of Ball. They again find them in playing the game in the country of China in 2nd and 3rd century BC. It is known that Romans & Ancient Greeks are known for playing large number of games which include a Ball.

The game which use feet to kick the ball is then named Football. Some of the sources about the history of football were taken from military that defines Tsu’ Chu. In this the game includes a ball of leather along with feathers & hairs. Their target was to kick the ball into a net which was fixed onto the canes of Bamboo.

The game was continued & in the year of 1330s, the game was so popular that it was become the bone of disagreement for the King Edward 2. His stress was then increased when he finds his people plays football instead for practicing of archery. He was preparing his team to go for war with the country Scotland but his people do not respond him in correct way. Finally the game was banned to play & the solution was really hard to take because the decision was very risky.

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