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    720-298-6397 Champion Tune-Up Kit, Briggs and Stratton Repair Sale, Service in Aurora, Denver. See reviews, photos, directions, cost, price, estimate, quote, phone numbers and more for the best replacement parts, power equipment parts, Lawn Mower-Sharpening, Repair, Tune Up, maintenance performed by factory certified trained techs in Aurora, Denver, CO. Champion all-in-one tune-up kits include everything needed for a quality lawn mower tune-up. The top of the package serves as the oil funnel and the base as the drain pan for used oil. Includes Champion spark plug, air filter, oil and fuel stabilizer.

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    Q500 TYPHOON QUADCOPTER REVIEW As far as commercially available “drones” are concerned, it really does get much better than the Q500 Typhoon Quadcopter. Very much an enthusiast’s kind of UAV.